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Cloud Computing – Microsoft Azure Architect (Azure)

Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure

Module 1: Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources
Module 2: Implementing and Managing Storage
Module 3: Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines (VMs)
Module 4: Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
Module 5: Managing Identities

Implementing Workloads and Security

Module 1: Evaluating and Performing Server Migration to Azure
Module 2: Implementing and Managing Application Services
Module 3: Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking
Module 4: Securing Identities

Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions

Module 1: Selecting Compute and Storage Solutions
Module 2: Hybrid Networking
Module 3: Measuring Throughput and Structure of Data Access

Creating and Deploying Apps

Module 1: Creating Web Applications using PaaS
Module 2: Creating Apps and Services Running on Service Fabric
Module 3: Using Azure Kubernetes Service

Developing for the Cloud

Module 1: Developing Long-Running Tasks and Distributed Transactions
Module 2: Configuring a Message-Based Integration Architecture
Module 3: Developing for Asynchronous Processing
Module 4: Developing for Autoscaling
Module 5: Developing Azure Cognitive Services Solutions

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